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Dirty Blues Duo


Born during 2020 lockdown, unconventional two-piece band "Blues2Men", convinced themselves to reconnect with its deep roots : the Blues. Indeed, Zeb & Richie, both leaders of the band "Les Maudits Waters" have decided to get their « Loco Motive » spirit back on the track.


Generously soaked in American black blues culture, they distil a refine and effective music worn out by the ravages of time. Both resonator and harmonica deeply involve the imagination into the legendary myths from the Mississipi Delta to the mystic "Crossroads". Imperturbable beats, heavy bottleneck riffs and thunderous harmonicas colour polished and metaphorical lyrics always grounded in reality, in the pure tradition on the devil's music. Electricity subliming the whole of it


Christophe 'Zeb' Vialle-Moudat : Resonator / Guitar / Lead vocals / Tambourine / Bass drum

Richie Faret :

Harmonica / Vocals / Tambourine

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